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Game does feel a lot smoother on this new engine however, no frame drops whatsoever and everything feels really responsive. Not sure how I feel about Xevil right now, being able to dash to platforms in mid-air seems like it could be really handy. Shooting downwards is interesting but not sure how useful it would be to use in game. I feel people will be moving around too much to be able to hit them with it, and when you do hit, I feel it wouldn't do enough damage to matter.

I do like the fact he dashes as soon as you activate the shield, gives the character a really aggressive feel which is nice, being able to activate it midair and surprise the enemy seems really fun. It looks like he has a bit more depth than the first character which I like

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Just realized I'm stupid. Horizontal movement is a mechanic for the new character :) Sorry dude

No problem. For those wondering Xen falls while dashing but Xevil does not :3