A downloadable game for Windows

Update:  I don't want to delete a "game" off here no matter how bad it is, but I can at least delete the lame description.

What is this game? Bad.
Also it's a really lame house of the dead kinda thing.

But you don't move..
And there is only one enemy...

Why did I release this again?

Mouse moves the sights, and click shoots.
Q and E look left and right.

Update 1.6:
The enemy has got a new attack, and takes a lot more hits to cancel now.

Update 1.5:
Added a Lifebar
Colors were added to the stage
Added a laser effect to help the player see where they're hitting

Update 1.2: Added title screen, and web player build.

Update 1.1:
Changed looking around from Q and E to right mouse + move or middle mouse on the side you the screen you wanna turn on.

Install instructions

Double click western_demo.exe


xenstern_1p6.zip 12 MB